Under the colorful rainbow of Charlie, z.s., A Night OUT! is an informal, Czech-English, Anglo-American style LGBT discussion group.

A Night Out is an open meeting for English-speaking members of the LGBTQ community organised by Charlie. The group is always changing, and each meeting is unique. In addition to our core members, there are always new people coming and going. There are no specific rules as to what we do or talk about, but tolerance and an open mind are a good start.

Of course, it goes without saying that non-native speakers can also improve their conversation skills in English. Guiding principles of the group:

  • Enthusiasm.

  • Involvement.

  • Freedom of Expression.

  • Tolerance.


We meet each Thursday at 8 PM, usually in Q cafe. Join our Facebook group to get notified of each meeting.

Hojně navštěvované čtvrteční setkání v angličtině, které organizuje charismatický Andrew. Přijďte se procvičit v angličtině a poznat nové přátele - nejen z Česka/Slovenska!